Dog Visits by Mary
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                              About Mary                       


 "Can Mary come and visit me over the holidays?"          
Hi! I'm Mary Louden, the owner and service provider of Dog Visits by Mary.  What that means to you is that I will personally visit your dog.  I will not send an employee or independent contractor.  You always know who is coming into your home.  Your dog has the familiarity of one new companion, me.

My husband and I are currently 'owned' by 3 former racing greyhounds; Roxi, Domino, Camo and Fancy.  I have grown up with dogs as part of the family - Humane Society mutts, a schnauzer, afghan, borzoi and even a cat who snuck into my heart!

  My decision to become a professional    
 dog visitor was a natural progression of
 my experience, passion and strengths.  I
 am very detailed oriented and proactive
 in my thinking.  Most of my life I have
 been self employed as a business
r.  (First as a licensed childcare
 provider, then as a successful direct
 sales cosmetic consultant.)

  Later, as an administrative assistant for 
  my church I would drive home every 
  lunch hour.  I knew my dogs could benefit from a midday visit.  One of my dogs is fearful in new environments, so I could never consider boarding him, no matter how great the kennel.  Camo needs to be in his own home, his own safe spot.  We've also had dogs with special needs.  So we have always arranged for pet sitters when we travel.  Therefore, I understand the needs of dogs I visit, as well as their humans.  My husband and I have been involved in greyhound rescue / adoption for 23 years.  In 2009 I founded a rescue-foster-adoption group for former racing greyhounds, a 501C3 nonprofit called Prison Greyhounds. (  I serve as the president.  I was awarded the Pet Sitters International 2012 Pet Adoption Advocate of the year. I have volunteered in the past at the Humane Society. 

I am trustworthy, organized and dog savvy.  In 2008, when I started this business, I was accredited (certified) by Pet Sitters International, the largest worldwide organization of professional pet sitters.  (The indepth curriculum I mastered is over 900 pages!)  I am bonded, insured and trained in canine first aid.  I have experience with several blind dogs and administering insulin shots.  Senior and shy dogs are special to me.  I am a member of the Indy Area Pet Sitters Network. With your permission, if I ever need to send an emergency replacement, I have a network I can choose from. 

Your dog(s) are happiest and most secure when at home with you.  When you can't be there, I'm the next best thing!  Thank you for entrusting the care of your dog to me.

Dog Visits by Mary
Mary Louden




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